Sebastien Marcel (

Release 2.1 (070402)
April 2, 2007

There is an important update.
See the ChangeLog.


Please, read the installation notes in the documentation section before downloading anything.

Torchvision 2.1 downloads for the most recent release
     Tarball      Description
Torch3 + vision Torch3 with the vision package inside for Linux
Torch3 Torch3 only but ready for the vision package for Linux
vision vision package only (require above Torch3) for Linux

Torch3vision 2.1 archives
     Tarball      Release
vision package June 28, 2006 (060628)
vision package June 16, 2006 (060616)
Torch3 only June 16, 2006 (060616)

Torchvision 2.0 downloads
     Tarball      Description
Torch3vision Torch3 + vision package for Linux
vision vision package only (require Torch3, the patch and the epc package) for Linux
patch small patch for Torch for Linux
epc epc package for Torch for Linux
ffmpeg FFmpeg for Linux
avilib AVIlib for Linux

Torch3vision 2.0 archives
     Tarball      Release
Torch3vision July 5, 2005 (050705)
vision July 5, 2005 (050705)
Torch3vision July 4, 2005 (050704)
vision July 4, 2005 (050704)
Torch3vision June 23, 2005 (050623)
vision June 23, 2005 (050623)

The previous version of Torch3vision, it is still available here.

Short description of packages

Package Description Dependencies Maintainers
core The core of Torch3vision (Image, ipCore, ImageDiskXFile) Sebastien Marcel
Yann Rodriguez
addons Examples of ipCore core Sebastien Marcel
illumination Stuff to do photometric image normalization (SQI, Gross-Brajovic) core Guillaume Heusch
Sebastien Marcel
patternrecognition Stuff related to pattern recognition (Eigenfaces, Fisherfaces, Haar-like, ...) core Sebastien Marcel
Yann Rodriguez
trainers Stuff to train classifiers for pattern recognition (MLP, PCA, LDA, Weak classifiers, ...) core, patternrecognition Sebastien Marcel
Yann Rodriguez
serial Stuff to control Sony pan/tilt/zoom camera using the VISCA serial interface core Sebastien Marcel
examples Some main program examples all packages all coders