The new release 2.1 of Torch3vision is available. Torch3vision will be maintained under GIT
( and no more under CVS.

1. Warnings/Requierements

   A. if you are using MATLAB and git/cogito at the same time, you may have
   some troubles. Please take care NOT TO HAVE MATLAB* SETSHELL with cogito.

   B. you should add SETSHELL cogito in your .cshrc or .bashrc
      Last notice: from now (January 2007) this is no more mandatory as cogito
      is accessible without SETSHELL.

2. to re-install a new Torchvision using GIT at IDIAP

   A. install a baseline Torch as below (recommanded) or use your current Torch and jump to point 2 (not recommanded)

   > cg-clone git+ssh:// Torch3vision2.1
   > cd Torch3vision2.1
   > cat README

   B. install the vision package
   > cg-clone git+ssh:// vision2.1
   > cat vision2.1/README

3. Quick compilation for the impatient

   > cp Linux_i686.cfg.vision2.1 Linux_i686.cfg
   > ./torch3make
   > cd vision2.1/examples/image/
   > ../../../torch3make *.cc

4. Managing versions

   check the differences with current official version
   > cg-diff 
   update the files of the current dir
   > cg-update

5. Troubles with installation

   A. Check first the requierements above. !!! NO SETSHELL matlab !!

   B. Check if you can connect the machine, do 
      > ssh

      if you are asking for password then enter it to add a key to .ssh/known_hosts
      > exit

      if you exit the session and re-do ssh you will not be ask the password
      > ssh
      > exit

      Generate a RSA key:
      > ssh-keygen -t rsa
      > ls .ssh
      id_rsa  known_hosts
      > cp .ssh/ .ssh/authorized_keys

      You are done !! Try again the install.

   C. Call me !