class ipSWfoo



Inherited from ipSubWindow:

Public Fields

oint width_pattern
oint height_pattern
oint width_image
oint height_image
oshort int x_window
oshort int y_window
oshort int w_window
oshort int h_window
oshort int real_x_window
oshort int real_y_window
oreal threshold
obool ispattern
oint view

Public Methods

ovirtual void resetWindowX(int x_window_)
ovirtual void resetWindowY(int y_window_)
ovirtual void resetWindowSize(int w_window_, int h_window_)
oinline bool isPattern()
ovirtual void stat(void)
ovirtual int getSubWindowMin()

Inherited from ipCore:

Public Fields

output field

input/output image coding field

Public Methods

constructor and destructor

initialization and processing

accessing and modifying output



This class has no child classes.
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