class Vector3D

This class is designed to handle a vector in 3D


Public Methods

[more] constructors
[more] ~Vector3D()
[more] Vector3D Unary Operations
[more] Vector3D Arithmetic Operations
[more] Vector Properties
[more]void normalize()
convert vector to unit length

Inherited from Point3D:

Public Fields

odouble z

Public Methods

Lots of Constructors

reset functions

ovirtual void saveXFile(XFile* file)
ovirtual void loadXFile(XFile* file)
ovirtual const char* sprint()
ovirtual void draw(Image* image, Color color)
oint operator==(Point3D)
oint operator!=(Point3D)

Point3D and Vector3D operations

Inherited from Point2D:

Public Fields

odouble x
odouble y

Public Methods

Point2D and Vector2D operations

collinearity conditions

odouble isLeft(Point2D, Point2D)
odouble Area(Point2D, Point2D)
osPoint2D get()
ovoid fixI()

Inherited from geomObject:

Public Fields

obool verbose

Public Methods

ovirtual void xdraw(Display* pDisplay_, Pixmap pixmap_, GC gc_, unsigned long color_)


This class is designed to handle a vector in 3D

o constructors

o Vector3D()

o Vector3D(int a)

o Vector3D(double a)

o Vector3D(int a, int b)

o Vector3D(double a, double b)

o Vector3D(int a, int b, int c)

o Vector3D(double a, double b, double c)

o ~Vector3D()

o Vector3D Unary Operations

oVector3D operator-()
Unary minus

oVector3D operator~()
Unary 2D perp operator

o Point2D scalar multiplication and divisions
Vector3D operator*(int, Vector3D)
Vector3D operator*(double, Vector3D)
Vector3D operator*(Vector3D, int)
Vector3D operator*(Vector3D, double)
Vector3D operator/(Vector3D, int)
Vector3D operator/(Vector3D, double)

o Vector3D Arithmetic Operations

oVector3D operator+(Vector3D)
vector add

oVector3D operator-(Vector3D)
vector subtract

odouble operator*(Vector3D)
inner dot product

odouble operator|(Vector3D)
2D exterior perp product

oVector3D operator^(Vector3D)
3D exterior cross product

oVector3D& operator*=(double)
vector scalar mult

oVector3D& operator/=(double)
vector scalar div

oVector3D& operator+=(Vector3D)
vector increment

oVector3D& operator-=(Vector3D)
vector decrement

oVector3D& operator^=(Vector3D)
3D exterior cross product

o Vector Properties

odouble len()
vector length

odouble len2()
vector length squared (faster)

ovoid normalize()
convert vector to unit length

This class has no child classes.
class Matrix3D
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